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Susan Gentry - Editor in Chief

Introducing Cowgirls In Style Magazine , a totally new, hip magazine to rock the Cowgirl World!! A magazine for every age woman who loves the Cowgirl lifestyle.

We are so excited to introduce to you this new magazine idea for not only the American Cowgirl, but for Country girls around the world! With the very best editors to cover every subject under the sun for the Cowgirl and Country girl at heart. We are the essence of Cowgirl Style!

Since I was a little girl, I can remember going to the fairs and rodeos and watching the Rodeo Royalty entering the arena with their blinged out fashions and thinking, "I want to be a Rodeo Queen one day". Well times have changed since I was a little girl and Cowgirl Fashion is one of the most popular styles around. From the bling belts, rhinestone jeans, t-shirts and boots, the Cowgirl has come a long way in the fashion industry. We want to share with you, the latest in Cowgirl Fashion for each season.

Not only does Cowgirls In Style feature Cowgirl fashion, but we also feature fun Country destinations to visit for not only the family, but a romantic get away. We feature everyday cowgirls from around the country, rodeo and country music news, a little bit of country romance and much more! We hope you will enjoy Cowgirls In Style magazine.

See you on the trail!


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